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Urban Fiction based on true events

The eradication of the black family is real. Ghetto Angels and Cobwebbed Eyes both available online at


Ghetto Angels & Cobwebbed Eyes Robert Young Jr


“When it comes to story telling, my goal is to change the landscape of our communities nationwide. I gift to you, the opportunity to experience what it’s like growing up in America stalked and hunted like a runway slave; without actually walking in the shoes of a black man.

Embedded racism can only still exist by eradicating black culture. The best way to prolong oppression is by disengaging the family. By eradicating the black man the structure of the family will be removed. Without morals and values a culture will be devastated and devoured by the sub culture of the oppressor.

Media propaganda, drug Addictions, gang violence, mental illness, police brutality, and mass incarceration are topics covered through each chapter of Ghetto Angels and Cobwebbed Eyes..

Uplifting those struggling with their own reality can be achieved through good ole fashion story telling. Through story telling my mission is to help you achieve upward mobility.

Without struggle there will be no progress, and without change there will be no hope. Reach for the stars.

Ghetto Angels and Cobwebbed Eyes both available online at Amazon. Com

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