Trust the judiciary process? LOL

I had a conversation with someone who wanted to say the Rittenhouse case was fair based on the facts. My response was that the underlying message from a not guilty verdict is the; what if argument? What if a blackman were in his shoes?!?! Because of the protest in itself we victim’s of modern day slavery only see our most recent injustices that have plagued our communities today. So we are more inclined to not trust the judiciary process from start to finish: What if a black man crossed state lines brandishing an assault rifle during a MEGA protest where white supremacists were marching against the voting system, he/I would not have had a chance to be chauffeured to jail or to Burger king before being finger printed and read his rights we/I would’ve been beaten, held down with a knee to the neck suffocated, hung, burned alive, skinned, gentils cut off and stuffed in the mouth, and then tar-feathered…So it’s more than just trust the judiciary process because we/I wouldn’t been given a fair trial…We/I see Jym Crow, Civil Rights movement, whites only can’t eat at the counter, grocery shop at the corner store, churches burned down, never been to the dentist, fried food for dinner everyday, using 85% of our brain power to survive on the way to school and on the way home, dropping out of high school every 18 seconds, and our brothers and father’s taken away in the millions to prison for simply being black… That is why we/I can’t see past factual evidence because we see ourselves slaughtered and arrested for just simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time…Enslaved So don’t tell me what’s fair unless you have the ability to walk in the shoes of a black man for just 30 seconds….Imagine holding your breath for 30 seconds that’s how long you’ll last walking in my shoes….

Published by robertyoungbookscom

Through good old fashion story telling, I have created stories that will provide insight into the lives of those that are struggling with addiction, those that have been accused of a crime that they did not commit, police brutality, victims of gang violence, and media propaganda. I've written two books that will forever change the landscape of our communities nationwide. Once you've read Ghetto Angels and Cobwebbed Eyes you will have a better understanding of what it's like growing up black in America.

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